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Tanya and I are embarking on a journey that God has been leading us to for quite a while now... We are going to Arnhem Land on the 28th of February with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) Our purpose is to fly into and reach remote Aboriginal communities with help, support and Christian friendship through Aviation.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Tanya and I left Marysville Friday afternoon totally unaware of what was about to happen. The next day, less than 24hrs later the victorian fires swept through Elkanah conference Hostel where we did our training and also Marysville township destroying all houses and properties.
We are shocked at what the fires have done.

below is a news link showing the destruction.

We spent two weeks at this beautiful Hostel homestead which MAF has been using for years for Orientation training and re-entry courses for prospective and returning missionaries.

Below is a few photos of this beautiful place taken by Tanya the day we left only a day before it was burnt to the ground by the Marysville bushfires.

A beautiful historic homestead gone.

formal lounge which was used for our lectures and many before us.

Dining room.

This is the township of Marysville taken 2 days before the fire swept through it. From news reports 80% of houses have been burnt to the ground.

Friday, February 6, 2009

A photo of us in early January just before we headed down to Melbourne for orientation training at Marysville. Taken by channel 7 ...otherwise known as our friend Tanya Wallace :-)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Me and Tanya

We are about to head into Arnhem Land, Northern Territory at the end of February (09) to work with MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) This is us in our home town of Cairns. We will be sad to leave all our friends there... but we are glad to be doing what God wants us to do.

Bernie and Tanya down in Melbourne

Here we are down in Melbourne up in the mountains actually doing a 2 week orientation course. Preparing for work with MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory. Can you see us? over on the left. :)